Become a Pattern Maker

Pattern makers are primarily responsible for developing patterns on wood and textile material. They make the aesthetic components of a design, including the exact placement of embellishments and the sizes of the sleeves. Many pattern makers develop their work by hand or with electronic software. This work often utilizes the computer-assisted tools of CAD (Computer Aided Design) programs that allow designers to construct designs digitally, with little need to physically draw things out.

How to Become a Pattern Maker

pattern makers

Some people use garment pattern making as a way to express themselves. For example, someone who makes clothes sell may create an inventory that showcases each item. The design may be created using detailed computer drawings and then sewn-in with thread. Another pattern maker may simply focus on developing a particular theme or look for a particular outfit. Regardless of what the pattern maker decides to make, the end result will likely be wearable clothing.

It is possible to become a pattern maker without having a degree in sewing or creating garments. Many garment pattern makers begin by taking courses that introduce them to the industry and teach them basic techniques. Other people simply focus on developing their own designs, although the skills required to become a high-end pattern designer require formal training. If one is interested in developing clothing and sewing then a course in either sewing or pattern making is highly recommended.

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