Pool Cleaning With the Dolphin Wave

The Dolphin Wave 20 Professional Pool Cleaner gives quick and thorough automatic cleaning of deep swimming pools. Ideal for both personal swimming pools with standard or shallow entry, and ornamental pools of any kind, the Dolphin Wave 20 brings your pool to a alive another level of cleanliness, all thanks to the Wave’s powerful vacuuming action. Designed for use on any type of pool, including custom built in, the Dolphin Wave is very simple to use, requiring no specialist experience or training to install, as it comes with an easy to follow instruction manual. Ideal for both residential and commercial swimming pools, and suitable for all types of water and pool sizes, the Dolphin Wave is truly the only pool cleaning system that can tackle deep water, with no restriction to its use on smaller areas.

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What Make Dolphin Wave Don’t Want You To Know

Utilising powerful vacuums that are backed by powerful filtration systems, the Wave Vacuum System will get your pool sparkling clean, by removing all types of dirt, debris, mould, algae, fungi, bacteria and any other nasty contaminants that could otherwise harm the water and cause serious problems to swimmers or pool users. This is especially important for residential pools as they can be full of harmful substances that can actually damage the delicate state of water balance and even lead to unsanitary conditions. However, the Wave Vacuum System isn’t just restricted to deep swimming pools – it is also equally effective in removing dirt from other types of swimming pools. Ideal for shallow and garden pools, the Wave Vacuum System is suitable for cleaning all swimming pool accessories, and is designed to tackle all swimming pool shapes and sizes. Its powerful suction means that the Dirt Devil can also remove hard mineral deposits, ensuring that your pool has crystal clear water all the time.

Ideal for both residential and commercial use, the Dirt Devil Pro offers excellent value for money and is suitable for all types of pools. By using the same filtration system used in the Wave Vacuum System, the Dirt Devil system ensures that your pool is kept sparkling clean at all times, providing you with a complete pool coverage solution. The Dirt Devil can be easily installed with its self-installation pump, making it the most hassle-free pool cleaning system available. And being able to operate from a 110 volt, the Dirt Devil also ensures that all parts are easily accessible, saving you time and money on installation costs, and will mean that your pool is ready to go immediately!

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