Safety Features of Hospital Beds

Hospital beds are one of the most common types of durable medical equipment. They are typically used in nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, and private residences. However, they are not without their dangers, and injuries can occur while a patient is positioned in a stationary bed, being transported in a bed, or being transferred into a bed. To prevent injuries, hospital beds should be equipped with safety features that prevent falls and pressure-related injuries.

How to Choose Hospital Beds

Hospital beds should be inspected regularly by a qualified health care professional to ensure safety and performance. They must comply with federal regulations and manufacturer recommendations for routine maintenance. While the bed is used in a hospital, its quality and durability are essential. If you have any questions or concerns about a particular bed model, contact Robson Forensic today. We can help you make the best decision for your hospital or care facility. Further, we can help you find the right bed for your patient.

Most hospital beds offer adjustments for head, foot, and leg heights. This is an important feature because many awake patients like to raise certain parts of their body for comfort or therapy. The best hospital beds are equipped with adjustable legs, head, and foot heights. The heights of the legs and feet are also adjusted separately. By adjusting the position of the limbs and ankles, hospital beds can provide more comfort for both awake and sleeping patients.

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