What Are Crane Tyres?

Crane Tyres Brisbane

Crane Tyres Brisbane are a specialist brand of off-road tyres that are made using advanced technology to ensure maximum grip and traction in all weather conditions. Each tyre is designed with its respective environment in mind to provide the best possible grip to help your vehicle maintain traction on the road and minimise the risk of slipping and sliding. Off-road tyres are specifically designed for use on rocky terrain and are tested extensively to ensure they offer the best traction on soft mud, sand or gravel roads and have the toughest wear and tear resistance.

How to Know About Crane Tyres?

They are extremely popular in off road racing because they offer the riders a high level of handling and control due to the large diameter wheels and deep treads. Off road tyres also perform well on dirt tracks and can be used as a substitute for expensive tyres for driving on clay surfaces. Their low profile and solid construction means they fit snuggly into most vehicles, ensuring maximum safety and comfort for the rider.

These tyres are suitable for both winter and summer driving and can even be used in wet conditions when other tyre products will not perform. Tyres come in different sizes and you are advised to get a tyre size that matches your vehicle’s wheelbase which is approximately 14 inches. When purchasing Crank Tyres it is important to choose a brand that has a good track record and good customer feedback. Ask friends and family for recommendations and if possible read reviews about the various brands to find out what people think. Tyres are available at leading tyre retailers throughout Australia. For more information visit online tyre stores or contact your local dealer.

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